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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Advantages of Retirement in Panama

If you're thinking of retirement or a second home in a safe, beautiful, inexpensive place with a modern infrastructure, Panama is the smart choice.Indeed, Panama is ready-made for Americans with a USA style infrastructure, the by-product of the 90 year American presence in the Isthmus. The nearly 50,000 Americans who had to leave when Panama took over the Panama Canal in 1999 call Panama their "Paradise Lost." The majority are unhappy living in the United States- that should tell you something.

What Panama Has to Offer the Retiree:

  • Panama has a near perfect climate.
  • Panama has the best retiree incentive program in the world.
  • Panama has medical facilities on a par with the United States.
  • Panama is close to the United States with direct flights to Panama from 7 major US cities.
  • Retirement visa requirements are minimal.
  • Foreigners can buy and own property in Panama enjoying the same rights and protections as Panamanians
  • Panama is an extraordinarily beautiful country with a wide variety of residential venues including mountain, beach and city communities.
  • Panama City is a modern capital city with high-speed internet, first rate hotels and restaurants and shopping almost on a par with the US.
  • Panama has a reliable communications and road infrastructure due in part to the 90 year American presence in Panama.
  • Panama’s cost of living is a fraction of the United States.
  • Panama's currency is the US dollar.

Derecho Posesorio in Panama. What does it mean?

The term Derecho Posesorio simply means, right of possession. Derecho Posesorio is a type of land reform which came to be in the 1960´s under the direction of General Omar Torrijos, the father of Panama´s current President, Martin Torrijos.

The original purpose of the derecho posesorio land reforms was to give poor farmer´s who worked land, but did not have title, some sort of legal right to the land that they farmed. The main difference between having title and having derecho posesorio is that with title one has a registered deed in the public registry thus eliminating any questions regarding ownership. In other words, no one can contest ownership of land. Also, banks do not typically offer loans for land that has right of possession.

It is possible to title land that is owned through rights of possession. This method of obtaining land does have a degree of risk involved with it, however, it can be a very economic way of obtaining real estate. A summary of steps required to title land that is owned through derecho posesorio are the following:

  • The land with right of possession status must be surveyed and have its boundaries formalized by a licensed surveyor. A formal request must be presented to, and signed off by the neighbors of the land in question.
  • Once all of the neighbors have signed off on the property with derecho posesorio, the Agricultural Reform Office (Reforma Agraria) must do a formal inspection of the property.
  • Once this inspection is approved and all the neighbors have confirmed the boundary lines, the agricultural reforms office will emit a resolution.
  • The value set forth on the land by the government must be paid. This value depending on the location of the land.
  • Last but not least, the documentation of the land is sent to the Public Registry to recieve title.
    The process of getting land titled from derecho posesorio status typically takes 6-8 months and is a right reserved for Panamanian Nationals alone.

Right of ownership by non Panamanians (Foreign Ownership) Foreign investments in all real estate areas are welcome and present in Panama. The procedures to adjust to the legal requirements in this area are simple and easy to implement. In the particular case of retirees (pensioners) who rent, Panamanian legislation provides for tax exemptions when taking cars as well as household items into the country and discounts on the cost of bureaucratic processing regarding moving and getting settled in Panamanian territory. Furthermore, it grants many other prerogatives and privileges to said retired persons (pensioners), as well as ample financial opportunities in Panama’s modern banking center.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Panama Corporations and Private Interest Foundations

This information is for the investors.

Panama is an international financial center that focuses on banking and commerce services. The government actively promotes Offshore activities, in favor of foreign investments. While some Offshore legislations may offer you only a few advantages, in Panama you will find all of them together: confidentiality, security and tax waivers.

Procedures of Panama Offshore Corporation

Two or more persons of full age, of any nationality even though not domiciled, nor physically present in the Republic of Panama, form the corporation for any lawful purpose. Law #32 of 1927 imposes no restrictions upon ownership of shares by foreign citizens or corporations, nor are there any nationality restrictions nor residence requirements imposed upon directors or officers of Panamanian corporations under the said law.

Panama offshore corporations are formed through nominee incorporators in Panama, who execute the basic instrument (Articles of incorporation) before a Notary Public of Panama registered at the Public Registry office.

Articles of Incorporation may be executed anywhere, within or outside Panama, in any language, as long as the signatures are certified by a Notary Public, or by any other public officer at the place of execution thereof their signatures having to be legalized by a Panamanian Consul or apostilled.

Contents of Articles of Incorporation are prescribed by Article 2 of Law Number 32 of 1927, and may be summarized as follows:

- Name and domicile of subscribers or incorporators.

- Name of corporation, (not to be the same nor similar to that of another existing corporation in Panama), and shall include a word, phrase or abbreviation to indicate that it is a corporation. We request several possible names in order of preference, to avoid expenses and delays in communications.

- General purpose(s) for which the corporation is organized, i.e., commercial, shipping, trading, tourism, etc., and which may be ample and general.

- Proposed capital structure or authorized capital, including number, classes of shares, whether with or without par value, whether bearer or nominative (registered) shares, and if there are to be shares of different classes, number of shares in each class, designations and relative rights, preferences and limitations thereof.

- Authorized capital and par value of shares may be expressed in the currency of any country.

- Number of shares that each of the subscribers agrees to take.

- Domicile of the corporation, which may be in Panama or elsewhere, as well as name and domicile of its Resident Agent in Panama who must be an attorney or an attorney's firm.

- Duration of corporation which may be perpetual.

- Full names and addresses of at least three directors.

- Any other lawful clauses. It is usual practice to include full names of the first officers of the corporation consisting of at least a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, as this affords a considerable time saving.

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What is the Private Interest Foundation ?

Is a legal entity that was developed based on the Private Interest Foundation models from three different jurisdictions including the Principality of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. The Panamanian Government carefully designed the Panama Private Interest Foundation with the intentions of creating a more modern, more flexible, and more affordable estate planning vehicle for people from around the globe. The assets of the Panama Private Interest Foundation take on a separate legal identity from the personal assets of the Founder, Protector, Council, or Beneficiaries.

The Panama Private Interest Foundation offers clear advantages for international estate planning, providing the ultimate in privacy, anonymity, and protection to the Protectors, Founders, and Beneficiaries of the Foundation. The Panama Foundation is a solution to a global need for an affordable, anonymous, flexible, private, estate planning vehicle that can be used to hold assets such as corporations, trusts, bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, or any other type of asset.

Foundations come into existence upon registration in the Public Registry. No approval from any public authority is required. Law No. 25 of June 12, 1995 regulates them.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Las Tablas Carnival

Las Tablas Carnival"Las Tablas" carnival does not have anything to envy to him to any carnival of the world, since it is in this city where it is possible to be admired the true luxury, splendor and the elegance of each one of his queens. The "culecos" (wet celebration) of the Sunday of carnival, were something spectacular, is impressive to see how the allegorical cars every time are elaborated with more luxuries, as if it was the last nocturnal parade. The "Porras" park of "Las Tablas" was full, did not fit a soul. Here we have some images of this second day of Carnival.

Panama CarnivalCarnival of Panama

E-Tower Residence in Costa del Este, Panama City

These luxury apartments in E Tower range in size from 270sq.mtrs to 285sq.mtrs. They have state of the art fitness spa and sauna with well-being center. Price: $486,000

  • E Club Residence Penthouse

  • 24 Hour white glove service and valet parking

  • State-Of-The-Art Fitness CenterSpa´s

  • Wellbeing Services

  • Global On-Site

  • E Club members Only

  • Concierge Services

  • Sereme Studio

  • Space of Private Yoga or Meditation

  • The E Residence

  • SkydeckHigh

  • Audio/Video Solutions by Bang & Olufsen

  • B&OState-of-the-Art Saunas

For more information about the project, please contact us:

Trump Ocean Club Panama Condos for Sale

With an investment reckoned around $ 220 million dollars, The Trump Organization will built the new Trump Panama Ocean Club, International Hotel & Tower – Panama, an icon project that will be inaugurated by the end of 2009.

Trump Panama Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower, located in the Peninsula of Pacific Point, has the privilege and the exclusiveness of multiple use and of the Club of Yacht & Pier.
In this strategic and exclusive place of Panama City, this great residential, tourist complex and business center is built, in a land of 14,000 mts2 (150,695 sq ft.), that will be at the same level of the icons constructions of the most important cities all over the world.

Trump Panama consists of 186.000 mts2 (2 million sq ft.) approx., and is located inside an artificial peninsula in the sea, with a total land of 14.000 mts2 (150,695 sq ft.)

The use of the Project is predominantly residential, with units of Condos, with areas from 100 mts2 (1.076 sq ft.) to 400 mts2 (4.306 sq ft.) and 200 units of Condo Hotel, with areas among 50 mts2 (538 sq ft.) and 100 mts (1.076 sq ft.)

At the same time, commerce of boutiques of high level is comprised, and they will be located in the first and second floor, and also restaurants with an ocean view, Yatch Club & Pier, Beach Club, International Casino, Business Center, Wellness Spa, Gymnasium, Pool Deck, Gourmet Plaza, Boutique Shops and all the support services for a residential complex of this great magnitude.

  • Condos - 1,2 and 3 bedroom units

  • Condo Hotel - Studios and 1 bedroom units (Fully furnished)

  • 8,069 sq foot Wellness Spa featuring, messgage rooms, aquatic areas, cascading baths, yoga in stress free environment.

  • Pool Deck

  • Boutiques & Shops

  • Gourmet Plaza

  • Yacht Club & Pier

  • Business Center

  • International Casino with blackjack, poker, slot machines, roulette, nightly shows and much more

  • 8 to 10 Restaurants

  • Private Yacht Charter

  • Yacht Pier with Refueling facility

  • Jet Ski rentals

  • Private Fishing Chatter

  • Private Beach Club with bars, beach, and privacy pools on Contadora Island (10 to 25K Mandatory one time Membership fee)

  • Airport shuttle even VIP Limos

  • Golf course Shuttles and possible discount on greens fees9 1/2 foot high ceilings

  • Washer and dryer in all condo units

  • Condo hotel units will be fully furnished up to 4 or 5 star standards.

  • Stainless steel appliances in every condo unit

  • All units will have water views

  • Grocery delivery services

  • Shuttle to Shopping malls

  • Wi-Fi internet connection with height tech concierge service system
    4,400 sq foot State of the art technology business center

    If you need more info please contact us:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Archaeological findings from Panama show agriculture's roots run deep

(PressZoom) - Ancient people living in Panama were processing and eating domesticated species of plants like maize, manioc, and arrowroot at least as far back as 7,800 years ago – much earlier than previously thought – according to new research by a University of Calgary archaeologist.One of the most hotly debated issues in the discipline of archaeology is how and why certain human societies switched from hunting and gathering to producing their own food through agriculture. Dr. Ruth Dickau, a post-doctoral researcher in the U of C's department of archaeology, has used a new technique called starch grain analysis to recover microscopic residues of plants directly off the stone tools that people were using in Panama 3,000 to 7,800 years ago.

"These results add to the growing evidence that the earliest beginnings of farming were not centred in arid highland regions like central Mexico and the Peruvian Andes as once believed, but in the lowland areas and humid forests of the American tropics," Dickau says."What is particularly interesting is that these crops were originally domesticated outside of Panama; maize was domesticated in Mexico, and manioc and arrowroot in South America.

Panama, as a relatively narrow land-bridge between the two American continents, was an important route for the human spread of food crops, and clearly a region where agriculture was practiced very early in history."Dickau is the lead author of a paper appearing next week in the online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an internationally respected academic publication. The paper is titled "Starch Grain Evidence for the Preceramic Dispersals of Maize and Root Crops into Tropical Dry and Humid Forests of Panama."

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Panama Considered Central America's Most Sought After New Tourism Destination

New and tell-all website, The Panama Report, reveals that hunting with century-old indian tribes, spelunking through mysterious jungle caves, and exploring secluded Caribbean islands isn't just reserved for Hollywood anymore.

With its teeming rainforests, hidden beaches, and rich history and culture, the tiny isthmus that was once only known for a Canal, is now making sound waves as perhaps the most authentic travel destination in Central America. Features in the New York Times and Miami Herald, as well as recent articles in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, have spurred more and more visitors to Panama, the crossroads of the Americas . In the midst of this tourism and real estate boom, bona fide websites like are revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides a Panama vacation.

Panama's high safety rating, tropical climate, and retirement incentives are drawing more and more baby boomers from the States everyday. Condos in cosmopolitan Panama City overlooking the Pacific Ocean for $200,000? Beach houses within walking distance from white sand beaches, $110,000? Giant tracts of oceanfront land selling at $0.25 per square meter? They sound too good to be true, but thanks to Panama's low cost of living and still relatively young real estate sector, anyone can get a piece of the action. Pair the amazing Panama investment with the Costa Rica allure of secret waterfalls, uninhabited beaches, and spectacular wildlife to see why the growth in Panama in 2006 was bigger than any country in the region.

"You have to visit Panama to believe it" says Matt Landau, Founder of The Panama Report. "By the time your vacation is up, you'll feel like you're on the inside of a travel secret". With experience in Costa Rica, Landau has consulted for some of the top vacation and real estate companies in the isthmus and believes Panama is destined for greatness, if not having achieved it already. He's quick to point out though, that things aren't always as good as they seem. "As always for a developing or emerging country, you're going to hit a lot of snags, among them corruption, scams, and crime. Specifically, when you look at real estate in Panama, immoral practices are like snowballs in that once they start rolling, they become hard to stop, so you need to address them at inception. I love Panama and by exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly, the vacation or investor will make his/her own educated decision."

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Foreigners invest more in Panama

Panama, Feb 21 (Prensa Latina) Panama got more than 2.4 billion dollars last year through foreign investment, more than twice that of 2005, Panamanian Ministry of Trade and Industry reported on Wednesday.

Julio Fabrega, director of Investment Promotion in the Ministry said the gains were made by virtue of the government plan to attract investments by focusing on tourism, transportation, logistics, agriculture and sea resources.

He considers that the expansion of the Panama Canal will allow great investments from several countries, mainly the US and Europe.

The Panamanian economy has had high economic growth in recent years, due to construction and real estate development, the Panama Canal and the banking sector. The Ministry of Economy and Finance announced some days ago that for the first time, the non-financial public sector achieved a profit of 88 million dollars in 2006. Nevertheless, despite the growth of the Panamanian GDP, nearly 40 percent of Panamanians live in poverty.

Monday, February 19, 2007

How Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan Helps You

It is really tough for an individual to lead a happy life with huge amount of debt. If you have lots of debts, you are always worried about the harassment of collection agencies, their phone calls at your home and even at your work. You might think of filing bankruptcy to get rid of this situation, but before taking the final decision you should know the bad effects of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy hurts your credit negatively and it will be difficult for you to get further loans with poor or bad credit report. So if you think that you are in huge debt and find it tough to pay all your loans in full then debt consolidation is the best way that you can go for. Debt consolidation mortgage loan service will help you to consolidate your credit cards, personal loans, student loans, medical bills and various other types of debts. There are certain qualifying criteria for mortgage loan which vary for different lenders. Most of them will require proof of at least three years of stable income to ascertain if you qualify for debt consolidation mortgage loan. So a good credit history is essential to fit for this loan. In addition, you may have some bad points against your credit history, still your lenders sometimes will consider if you have shown an effort to clear up your debts.The reason of borrowing a debt consolidation mortgage loan is not only getting relief from creditors or collection agencies but also consolidating your bills into one monthly payment which is little lower than what you paid previously in order to release your financial stress. It will help to avoid filing bankruptcy and to stay as a credit worthy consumer. In this way your credit report will remain good which will help you to get further loans when required.But you should make a research to find out a reputed debt consolidation loan company, because many of these companies may really be loan sharks. You should avoid these companies at all cost as they will place you under strict monthly payment terms and charge a higher rate of interest. While refinancing you might look for non-profit lenders who will be able to give you the best alternatives. So go for a good debt consolidation mortgage loan company in order to keep yourself free from all the harassment of collection agencies, avoid bankruptcy, pay minimum amount of interest and maintain a creditworthy profile.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Strategic Alliance Promotes Panama As Tourist Destination

Washington, D.C. - As part of an alliance with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the government of Panama and the National Geographic Society (NGS), a Panama Adventure Map was publicly unveiled at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Panama's President, Martin Torrijos Espino and the U.S. Ambassador to Panama William A. Eaton participated in the event.

The objective of this alliance is to highlight Panama's place in the tourism market for people interested in history, ecology, archaeology, bird watching, and sport recreation. The map was produced by National Geographic with funding from USAID and Panama's National Tourism Bureau (IPAT).

More broadly this effort showcases the importance of strategic alliances between the national government, private business, and USAID that will in turn attract sustainable tourism to Panama's protected areas.

USAID Director to Panama, Kermit C. Moh said, "USAID assistance in producing an adventure map for Panama through National Geographic contributes to the government of Panama's vision of developing tourism as an opportunity for economic development, diversification, and growth in related activities."

A waterproof version of the map will identify areas with the most interest for tourists such as Kuna Yala, Las Perlas Archipelago, and the Panama Canal. The map will be translated into languages other than English and will be available through National Geographic channels.

A companion guide book, National Geographic Traveler: Panama, will be released in the fall.

"The National Geographic Society is delighted to have worked with the government of Panama, the Panamanian Tourism Bureau (IPAT), and the U.S. Agency for International Development to develop the NGS adventure map and traveler guide for Panama," said NGS Senior Vice President of International Licensing and Alliances, Robert Hernandez. "They will make Panama and its extraordinary natural and cultural resources better known among global audiences."

Is Panama City The Next South Beach?

This news its from the Washington Post Online

By Ceci ConnollySpecial to The Washington PostSunday, February 18, 2007;

It was sticky hot, and I was grungy after a morning exploring the cobblestone passageways of Panama City's Casco Viejo, a 300-year-old cross between the crumbling charm of Old Havana and the restored glow of New Orleans's French Quarter.

In my baseball cap, khaki shorts and sweaty T-shirt, I was dressed for a sidewalk hot dog stand. But a Panamanian friend had been raving about S'cena, the new Mediterranean restaurant in this colonial-era part of town, and when I stumbled upon its entranceway, it seemed the food gods were summoning me.

Still, I felt a little sheepish as I passed the first-floor jazz bar and stepped into a scene of sophisticated serenity: white tablecloths, fresh flowers and waiters in pressed shirts. I braced myself for dirty looks and a dreary table near a swinging kitchen door.

Instead, the owner greeted me like a lost cousin, whisking me to a prime table and gently draping a linen napkin across my lap. And apparently I wasn't the only one getting VIP treatment. They were calling the guy in the next room "Mr. President."
"No, no," the waiter whispered, "it is the president -- of Panama."
Somehow, it all made sense. After just a few days in Panama, you start to recognize faces, and the prospect of sipping a midday chardonnay a few feet from the country's most powerful man doesn't seem so far-fetched.
I had seen ads touting Panama City as the next super-swanky Miami, and I was prepared for velvet-roped lines and South Beach-style snobbery. Heck, Jenna Bush was clubbing here just before I arrived. So not having to deal with a waiter with an attitude was a relief.

But I can see why it gets the Miami comparisons. The city tucked on Panama Bay offers a hip urban vibe and a distinctive skyline. It has sunshine, seafood and shopping opportunities galore. And although Panama is part of Central America, its rhythm and stylish Latin inhabitants have a Caribbean flavor.

There are notable disappointments. Panama's tourism industry sometimes struggles to meet the demands of travelers. (The man at the Avis counter had no idea how to get downtown, and cabdrivers were no better.) And though the country has many exquisite beaches, none is within walking distance of the hotel strip as in Miami's South Beach.

But ultimately, the beauty of Panama City is that it hasn't become Miami yet. It's much more welcoming and manageable. And now is the time to go -- before the Panama Canal gets its third set of locks, before Donald Trump finishes his 65-story tower and before the prices shoot just as high.

Even today, 93 years after completion, the Panama Canal is an awesome engineering feat, guiding ships the 50 miles from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

We arrive at the Miraflores Locks and head to the outdoor viewing deck. The sight of 965-foot-long behemoths squeezing through the canal is unbelievable, the precision timing of the locks a marvel. Over a loudspeaker, a bilingual guide rattles off canal stats and fun facts. "The lowest fee ever assessed for passage was 36 cents," he says. "It was for Richard Halliburton to swim the canal." An impressive museum inside is complete with a simulator that gives a realistic sense of what captains experience as they navigate the narrow locks.

The next day, while Manuel works, I ask my cabdriver to drop me at the Plaza de la Independencia in the center of Casco Viejo. The modest square looks much as it did 100 years ago: narrow one-way streets, stone edifices and a few rusty cannons.

On the corner is a lovingly restored four-story colonial built by the French in the 1870s and now home to another canal museum. At one-fifth the price and almost empty, it is a much better deal than the locks museum.

The story of the canal -- from the failed effort by the French in the 1880s to current widening plans -- is presented in bright, colorful interactive exhibits. There's a full recounting of the 22,000 workers who died, most by malaria or yellow fever, and a sobering account of the segregated system that left dark-skinned workers with less money in their pockets at the end of each workday.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Romantic Honeymoons Cruises

Honeymoons Cruises are offering growing number of romantic of romantic options for honeymooners. Couples can opt to dine on their private balconies while gazing at the ocean or reserve tables for two at intimate, celebrity-designed venues. They can enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne in their staterooms, strolls under moonlit, star-filled skies along promenade decks, indulge in massages for two at the ship's spa or revel in al fresco midnight dips in outdoor Jacuzzi spas.Following is a roundup of some of the romantic amenities and features available on CLIA member line ships:

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES: Carnival Cruise Lines offers programs that provide couples with a memorable way to tie the knot - with all the "extras" found in traditional land-based ceremonies. Carnival also offers destination weddings, vow renewal programs and wedding chapels on select ships, as well as wedding ceremonies at most embarkation ports.

Panama Canal Prices

The Panama Canal Authority (PCA) announced that it is considering a proposal to restructure its pricing system.

“As the world becomes more interconnected–barriers dropping, tariffs reduced–the significance of the Panama Canal and its function in the global supply chain become more important. Shippers moving goods from the U.S. Gulf Coast to Asia can save up to 10 voyage days via the Panama Canal, and vessels traveling from the West Coast of South America to the U.S. East Coast shave an estimated eight to 16 voyage days compared to alternative routes,” the PCA said in a release. “Given the cost increases in shipbuilding, fuel and vessel operations, the route through the Panama Canal has significantly increased its value to its users.”

In a key element of the plan, the PCA is proposing a change to vessel charges that are based on displacement–to simplify and streamline the process. The PCA proposes that the charge will be based upon the maximum displacement draft instead of the arrival draft to assess tolls according to the specified tonnage rate.

Formal consultation on the proposal will continue until March 12, 2007. The PCA will consider input, suggestions and feedback from interested parties until that date. For more information, visit

Monday, February 12, 2007

Clocking in time for worker wasps

Wao, the technology is very impresive. The little wasps in Panama are studied by British Scientists with little radio tags... Incredible.

By Richard Alleyne
Last Updated: 2:30am GMT 26/01/2007

Scientists have tracked the movements of wasps by attaching tiny electronic “clocking-in cards” to their backs.

The minuscule radio tags, fitted to 422 Paper wasps in Panama, transmitted unique identity numbers to antennae placed at the entrances of 33 nests. Each time a wasp entered or left a nest, its movement was recorded. In effect the wasps were being made to “clock in and clock out” like factory or office workers. The scientists found that the wasps drifted between nests 31 times more frequently than was previously thought.

Insects behaved as workers at each nest they visited, helping to raise the young of their relatives. The research is reported in the journal Current Biology. Study leader Seirian Summer, from the Zoological Society of London, said: “We were very surprised to find out that 56% of the wasps drifted from nest to nest.
“Like the workers in most eusocial insect societies, these drifting wasps do not reproduce themselves, but instead pass on their genes by helping raise relatives. “We were excited to discover that they did this by helping on several different nests, rather than just their home nest.”

US and Panama agree on the security for containers at the Panamanian ports

Tholen – The declaration of principles between Panama and the US includes the observation of containers with a system of X-rays. A couple of scanners for containers will complete the donation of the US government to Panama. The operation of the scanners will begin in June in the ports of Manzanillo International Terminal in Colón, and the Balboa Port in Panamá City.

The Chief of Custom Unions from Panama, Daniel Delgado Diamate, announced that the government will invest US$20 million to implement completely this system in all customs posts. The US ambassador in Panama, William Eaton, congratulated the decision of the cooperation between both countries “Panama represents an important link for the maritime world, for that reason we applaud the decision to work with the US and other partners in the fight against smuggling and terrorism”. He added that is a signal of the compromise of the governments to protect their populations.

Publication date: February 12 2007

Singaporean company wants to build a port in Panama

Interesting news about the Panama Canal Expansion:

Panama City - Singaporean company PSA International wants to build a port to handle containers in an area of Panama's Pacific coast adjoining the Panama Canal, the Central American country's trade minister confirmed Monday.

Panamanian Trade and Industry Minister Alejandro Ferrer said in a press conference that the country's government will evaluate the technical aspects of the project once PSA International provides the details. The plan would use land that was formerly part of the Rodman US Naval Base. Ferrer's announcement caused surprise in Panama's economic circles, because the installation of a mega-port on the western entrance of the canal has already been approved.

However, the minister hinted that both investments on the Pacific coast could complement each other, and he stressed that all initiatives will be properly evaluated. Until now, the British company P&O Ports, Japan's NYK, the United States' Stevedores Services of America SSA, Denmark's APM Terminals and the United Arab Emirates' DPA have shown an interest in participating in the mega-port, which would involve an investment of 600 million dollars.
Ferrer said PSA International's project consolidates Panama's position as the main centre for logistics in Latin America and as the most important cargo-distribution centre in the world.

PSA International is one of the most important companies in its sector and annually handles over 50 million tonnes of TEU (twenty- foot equivalent unit). In a referendum in October, Panama voted to add a third set of locks to the two existing in its canal to allow two-way traffic, accommodate larger ships and almost double the tonnage that can be carried the canal. The construction is projected to cost around 5.25 billion dollars and would be scheduled for completion by 2015.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Park Avenue Tower - Price: $360,000

The Park Avenue Tower is being built in the Costa del Este district of Panama City and will be 57 stories.

Apartment features:
- Model A - 2,766 sq. feet
- Model B - 2,658 sq. feet
- Open terrace
- Master bedroom with 2 walk-in closets and Jacuzzi
- Two additional bedrooms with bathroom
- Maid's quarters

Loft features:

- Model C - 2,658 sq. feet
- Model D - 2,594 sq. feet
- Open terrace
- Master bedroom with walk-in closet and Jacuzzi
- Two additional bedrooms with bathroom
- Maid's quarters
- Private lobby
- Park Avenue Tower social area:
- Infinity swimming pool
- Kid's swimming pool
- Sun deck
- Gardens
- Ballroom
- Movie room
- Barbeque area
- Playground for children
- Gym

Please for more information contact Us:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Plaza Project: revolutionary concept

This is a News about this project: Panama City, Panama, February 10, 2007
--Homes International Corp. presents a revolutionary concept in income-earning property with the launch of The Plaza, a new mixed-use residential and hotel tower in Panama City’s fashionable Obarrio district. The Plaza is the first of its kind, combining private residences and hotel services in an elegant, modern design. Each 1-bedroom residential apartment in the 34-storey tower is flanked by a hotel room with a separate entrance, with the option to rent out one or both units, offering owners unprecedented flexibility and income-earning potential. Whether you are seeking a pied-a-terre in the city or a lucrative investment in Panama’s thriving real estate and business market, the Plaza offers you the arrangement to suit your needs.

With a hotel management team in place to oversee all rentals and full maid service for room upkeep, you can enjoy the income stream hands-off and worry-free. Each floor houses three apartment complexes between 120 and 126 square meters (1300 to 1360 square feet), which come fully furnished with all appliances, and elegant Italian furniture; penthouses are also available. Owners who choose to rent out both the hotel room and primary residence are exempted from residence maintenance fees.

Residents and guests alike can enjoy a roof-top swimming pool and lounge with stunning views of the city, as well as the Plaza day spa, a 20,000 foot fitness center, premiere bar and restaurant. Business facilities include a business center and conference room. Located in the heart of the city in the upscale Obarrio district on 50th St., the Plaza is situated next to the prestigious new Armani Casa project, La Borgatta, with easy access to all banking, shops, restaurants and amenities. Construction is set to begin in April 2007, with completion in one year. With only 84 residences on offer, opportunities to take part in this unique and exciting project are limited. They are now accepting reservations for priority resale; please contact us for more info:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

How Web 2.0 Will Change Real Estate Marketing?

Web 2.0, the interactive web is going to make real estate more and more accessible to the consumer. If you as a seller do not use all the tools to market and sell homes, your competition soon will. If you are a buyer and do not research all the facets of your future real estate purchases on the web, you will be at a disadvantage.

Now the question is what is this new internet? This Web 2.0? Well, a professor, Michael Wesch at Kansas State has put together a great YouTube Video on what Web 2.0 is and why it is important. And what is more, the video is amazingly well put together. And even better, it is here for you to see.

DJ Tiesto in Panama

Ok, in Panama we are fun people. By a single night in the Terrace of the Figali Convention Center, DJ Tiesto in concert as never before you had seen it, appeared before but of 4.500 people, in an event without precedents, since a show had never been made of this I generate outdoors to such magnitude in Panama. Several tons of equipment, structures, platforms, screens and sound were made available of the thousands of assistants, with the particularitity that real estate of the VIP of Next the Club was transferred everything to the Figali, had even to rent more to accommodate all comfortably, since the expectations of I publish widely were surpassed. A show of lights, lasers, screens and sound never before seen was part of the frame of this mega concert, the one that many titled "the event of the summer" including "of the year". Djs national like Vampire, Antonio Diaz and DJ Edward were in charge to warm up the motors until the moment arrived that all hoped, Tiesto salio to platform for delirium of all the presents, by more than three hours interpret its better successes like "Traffic", "Flight 643", "Lethal Industry" and its but recent success that name gives him to its tour "Dance4life". Fireworks were sent without stopping for delirium of the fanaticada one, that requested more more and, of the DJ most popular, famous and wanted by the Panamanians: Tiesto, that adores so much to Panama, that dedicate to a production "In Search of to him Sunrise, Vol 3, promised to return. Without doubts which those that attended DJ Tiesto were no satisfied with the best concert of electronic music in the history of Panama, but that many already request it for a new concert.

Tagua: The Emebera's Indian's Artcraft

Panama artcrafts

In Panama, the Indians are artists (The Kuna with your Mola's) and the Embera with the Tagua.

The tagua nut is the seed of kinds of palms that grow in the tropical rainforest from Panama to Ecuador.It is also known vegeteable ace ivory due to its close resemblance to that product. And because of this resemblance it there are to long history. Before the advent of plastics, tagua was widely used to manufactures items such ace jewelry, says, chess pieces, buttons. Actually, to lot of items sold in the Victorian was ace ivory were in fact made of tagua.The tagua palm is to small tree that grows to about 20 to 30 feet. They grow in colonies and the nut themselves grow in an armored group, each with several egg-sized nuts. AT first, the have to gel-like consistency and plows consumed by the Forest animals, such ace squirrels, agouties and others.Tagua products plows experimenting to comeback due to the effort to protect endangered whales species such ace and elephants, which plows the traditional source for ivory. In one to year, to tagua palm you produce the same amount of "ivory" ace to female elephant. But with an important difference, the nuts plows collected without harming the palm.In addition, using tagua nut helps provide to for sustainable income the peoples that dwell in the tropical rainforests.

In Panama, the leaves of tagua products grapevines an income source for peoples such ace the Emberá-Wounán that live in the Darien rainforest. But the construction of roads there are promoted to deforestation of the ancestral territories, which makes difficult for these people to keep to their tribal lifestyle.This in turn triggers to migration to urban for area and the search new income sources. Emberá-Wounan on men often depend the salts of to their tagua carvings to feed to their families. Due to this fact, they have refined to their traditional carving skills and in the process developed an art form that is quickly becoming to collectors item.Tropical Their carving usually depict the animals that dwell in the rainforest. And the quality is such that to few years ago Wounan Masters Carver Selerino for Cheucarama won the UNESCO third prize crafts.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In recent news, for example of growth of the construction in Panama, I found this article:

" MONTERREY, Mexico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE: CX) announced today that it will begin the construction of a new kiln at its Bayano Plant in Panama. The construction is expected to be completed in 2009. The value of the investment is approximately US$200 million. Current production at the Bayano Plant is approximately 450,000 tons of clinker per year. Following the completion of the project, production will increase by approximately 1.15 million tons of clinker to 1.6 million tons of clinker per year.

The Bayano Plant will operate using the most modern and efficient processes developed with CEMEX technology for clinker production, fuel use, and environmental standards. With this additional production capacity, the Bayano Plant will become one of the most modern production facilities in the Americas.

“This investment reflects our confidence in Panama's economy and in the continued high growth of the construction industry in the country,” said Juan Romero, President of the South America & Caribbean Region of CEMEX.
CEMEX is a growing global building solutions company that provides high quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world. CEMEX has a rich history of improving the well-being of those it serves through its efforts to pursue innovative industry solutions and efficiency advancements and to promote a sustainable future. For more information, visit "

Much money... In Panama we have others important companies in production of cement, but CEMEX from Mexico, wants to achieve a trascendental rol in the field of construction in Panama.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Tino - The Blogger Links Benefactor - I Link To Blogs For Free: 2000 Bloggers

Tino - The Blogger Links Benefactor - I Link To Blogs For Free: 2000 Bloggers

Panama Canal Expansion

For all the panamanians this inversion in the Panama Canal it's very important. Our future depends of that. Here, I find this information about the Canal expansion in Wikipedia:

"The Third Set of Locks Project is a
megaproject that will expand the Panama Canal more so than any previous expansion since the Canal's construction. The Panama Canal Authority proposed the project after years of study. Panamanian President Martín Torrijos presented the plan on April 24, 2006 and Panamanian citizens approved it in a national referendum by 76.8% of votes on October 22, 2006. The project will double the canal's capacity and allow more traffic.
The project will create a new lane of traffic along the Canal by constructing a new set of locks. Details of the project include the following integrated components:
Construction of two
lock complexes — one on the Atlantic side and another on the Pacific side — each with three chambers, which include three water-saving basins;
Excavation of new access channels to the new locks and the widening of existing navigational channels; and,
Deepening of the navigation channels and the elevation of
Gatun Lake’s maximum operating level.[1]
As stipulated by the Panamanian
Constitution, any project to expand the Canal had to be approved by the Cabinet, the National Assembly and by a referendum[2]. On Friday July 14, the National Assembly unanimously approved the proposal. In addition, the Assembly passed a law mandating a national referendum on the proposal. The referendum was held on October 22, 2006, the first Sunday more than 90 days after National Assembly approval.[3]"

I don't understand why so many panamanians said "No" in the last Referendum for this project (They lost but it's worrying). What is in their minds? The politicians used the Referendum as a thermometer for their aspirations in the next Campaign. Sad

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Real Estate and Security in Panama

My principal objective is provide information on investment opportunities, panama real estate, business services and the best guide with the best properties in Panama City and provinces.

Because tourism is just beginning, prices are still modest and you can really stretch your tourist dollar. Within Panama City, taxis and meals and hotel prices in all categories are particularly pleasing. Yet, even though it is economical, you will find that Panamanians know how to do things right. They want you to be happy and come back again.

Panama is one of the most stable democracies in the Americas. Since 1989, when dictator Noriega was deposed (now languishing in a Miami prison) , Panama’s presidents have been democratically elected. The current president Martin Torrijos began his five year term in September 2004. His government is investor friendly and is taking effective measures to reduce corruption.

As for all foreign travel, when going about it is advisable not to carry large sums of money, carry a photo copy of your passport, (not the real thing) and not to flash expensive watches etc. And like anywhere, there are poor areas of town that it is not wise to walk around in especially at night.

Panama Real Estate Properties Map