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Friday, May 18, 2007

E-commerce en Panama

It seems lie but here in Panama we are not to the height of oferecer e-commerce like in other countries. This is partly due to the laws that have congealed everything what has to do with this activity, to avoid fraudulent banking operations as well, false businesses, etc. Some banks offer this solution of purchase with credit card that mainly turn out to be something expensive and complicated for the small companies, aside from which everything depends on the type on watch and product that thinks to offer. The electronic commerce must be thought like an extension of the models of existing businesses. That I mean with this? If you have a solid model of business before expanding it online, is a great opportunity of which your business prospers through e-commerce.

It is really necessary to look for the few options available in Panama to mount a business of e-commerce. For that reason I say that first that there is to see is that service is offered. For example, if what thinks to offer is legal services, practically there are no options since this type on watch does not guarantee anything to him stable to the bank (fraudulent returns by reclamations, operations, risky clients). But nevertheless if one is a product that is given by courier already he is something different since he is something tangible and from less sense of expectancy.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

They are a panamanian law firm specialists in legal services, Panama offshore corporations, private interest foundations, immigration (passports and visas), open bank accounts, asset protection, brokerage and merchant accounts, escrow services, and real estate contracts and transactions.

Panama Offshore Corporation Services
"Our clients use panamanian offshore corporations for trusts, or private interest foundations, to open and manage brokerage accounts, or asset protection. The panama corporations are formed to mantain the privacy and confidentiality of transactions like the transfer of founds for the another country and of the protection of the assets."

Private Interest Foundations
"Panama foundations represent an option, different from Panamanian offshore corporations. Private Interest Foundations permit the protection of assets destined to non commercial activities, but including its use as a holding company or for testamentary purposes. "

Panama Offshore Bank Accounts
"In Panama Legal Consultants we specialize in the process of bank accountsin prestigious and reputable Panama banking institutions Our law firm will assist for make the bank account application process more easy for you.."

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