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Monday, June 30, 2014

Empresa de Construccion en Panamá

HAVA International Construction se dedica a proporcionar a los clientes con la gestión de construcción de campos de golf de la más alta calidad, supervision de los mejores proyectos de construcción de cursos de golf en América Latina, tenemos la capacidad de construir sistemas de drenaje, sistemas de riego, construcción de lagos y construcciones características del agua, muros de piedra, instalación de geotextil, estabilización de tierras, sistemas de bombeo, la plantación de paisaje, acabado y contorneo del paisaje, además pastoreo de campos de golf, campos deportivos y zonas con jardines.

Para lograr esto, en HAVA International Construction nos esforzamos por ofrecer a nuestros clientes el mejor personal de golf en el mundo de la construcción y un servicio al cliente excepcional. Es nuestra política para llevar a cabo sólo aquellos proyectos en los que estamos 100% seguros de nuestra capacidad para cumplir o exceder las expectativas del cliente. Estamos comprometidos con la mejora continua de nuestro equipo y servicios, con el objetivo de seguir siendo el líder indiscutible en nuestro campo.

En HAVA International Construction nuestro objetivo es transformar la visión de arquitectos y desarrolladores de campos de golf en la realidad, un valor añadido indispensable para cada proyecto y utilizar el equipo de mejor tecnología de construcción para obtener el éxito en la construcción del campo de golf.

Panama Real Estate Company - Premium Living Panama

  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Minutas de Compra y Venta
  • Preparación de escrituras de compraventa
  • Poderes
  • Cálculo de impuestos de transferencia (2%) y ganancia de capital (3%)
  • Incorporación al régimen de propiedad horizontal (P.H.)
  • Creación de sociedades y fundaciones de interés privado
  • Negociación y preparación de contratos
  • Trámites migratorios
  • Asesoría legal en inversiones
  • Asistencia legal en general relacionada con el arrendamiento y la compra o venta de propiedades


TEL: (507) 396-0523 / 0524 CEL: (507) 6089-8597


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Enjoy your visit to Panama with a vacation plan - VenepanaTours

Innovative company in the service of tourism in Panama. Founded by professionals, proud to display in a special way the beautiful Panama.
Venepanatours is the result of the initiative of offering a quality tourist service by excellence at the best cost. Through various packages tailored to the convenience, style and time available to visitors. Since his transfer from airport to your place of lodging, shopping malls, beaches, tourist sites unknown until, in the hands of highly qualified guides and selected to reaffirm our stamp of reliability.

We provide a full service, personalized service and the best price.

Venepana Tours, will definitely be your perfect choice, to be received, guided and accompanied this your next destination, Panama. We guarantee a pleasant and safe stay.

Enjoy your visit to Panama with a vacation plan either full or partial stay in Panama City and beach hotels in the country’s interior.

Complete package:
2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Four Points Panama. Being a five star hotel, is the ideal place to stay while traveling for business or pleasure at Panama City.
2 nights accommodation at Hotel Decameron, an all inclusive hotel located on the beach. For the adventurous this hotel is a dream come true and for the less adventurous is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning beach, pool, spa, among others.
You will enjoy:
City Tour: visit to Colonial Panama or Casco Antiguo, and visit the Paseo Esteban Huertas, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Theater, Plaza Simon Bolivar and many other parts of the colonial era.
We will visit the Panama Canal, and the whole operation besides crossing the Causeway impressive.
Shopping tour in one of the largest shopping centers in Panama.
Valle de Anton: a picturesque village where we visit the zoo Medlar, hot springs and the craft market.

Also included: All transfers, tour guides and taxes
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Arrival Time and Location: To be determined; Panama International Airport
Departure Time and Location: To be determined; Panama International Airport
Note: Participation is free for children 1 year and younger. Food and drinks are not included. Gratuities are not included and are at your discretion.

* Note: the days of the tours may vary depending on the dates.

For more information about us, please contact us:

Phones: (507) 238-9697 / (507) 6764-1788 / (507) 6760-3387



Panama packs a punch as Canal project makes it even stronger

Gabriela Castro, of Latin American specialists Sunny Sky Solutions

Panama is a country of just 3.6m people. Fair enough, it’s got the Canal, but is that enough to make it Latin America's fastest growing economy, averaging 9% growth in the last six years?
The country can definitely punch above its weight, but what makes it so special, and how can British exporters make the most of the opportunities? Panama returned to democracy in 1989 and now enjoys the political and macroeconomic stability many countries in Central and South America crave.
Unemployment is around 4%. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was over $2bn in 2010. And to top it all, credit rating agencies S&Ps and Fitch have given Panama the BBB rating.
The publicly-managed Panama Canal attracts directly and indirectly most of the investment, employment and trade for the country, particularly during its current expansion.
The country has therefore strong associated maritime, logistics, shipping and port sectors. Trade not only passes through the canal, it also stays in the country, sometimes temporarily, to be re-exported to Central America, the Caribbean and the north of South America.
This is largely due to the existence of impressive free trade zones, mainly the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), offering important tax and other incentives for companies worldwide. The CFZ market is much larger than the Panama market itself and ideal for consumer goods. In 2011, there were 2,223 businesses present at the CFZ, with an additional 842 having representations in the zone.
British food and drink exporters, for example, have greatly benefited from trading with the CFZ. Because of the number of expats and foreign workers, and the increasing purchasing power of the Panamanian middle class, there is now a rising demand for luxury and good quality items for the national market, although the CFZ also handles lower quality goods for re-export.
In addition to the opportunities resulting from the Canal and the free trade zones, Panama boasts a large and increasing tourism sector, including luxury hotels and ecotourism.
Its service sector is also impressive, from telecoms to call centres, from banking to real estate. Because of its strategic position bridging South and Central America, Panama is often selected as regional HQs for multinationals such as Caterpillar, SABMiller, 3M and Procter & Gamble. Panama is also a regional centre for trade shows and conventions.
Construction is booming in Panama, from roads, hotels and public buildings to the first underground metro in Central America and a brand new airport. Opportunities are also strong in energy, particularly electricity.
Panama’s Foreign Direct Investment is the largest in Central America and the Caribbean, greatly linked to the canal expansion, but also as a result of a system that encourages FDI.
For example, there are no foreign exchange controls, there are strong tax incentives repatriation of profits is allowed and is foreign ownership.
Franchising is a growing sector in Panama, with the majority of franchises being foreign-owned.
However, Panama doesn't come without its problems. Business is slow and highly personal, it is a tough market to break into, which requires time and contacts.
Bureaucracy is still a problem, and so is corruption, at many levels.
Intellectual property legislation is advancing but foreign companies should seek professional advice on this matter.
Labour shortages are common, and inflation is creeping up. Education and training can let the economy down (the country’s education system was ranked 62nd out of 65 countries by the OECD), which can be a threat for a foreign company looking to hire local labour, but also an opportunity for those working in those sectors to sell services and expertise. Recently, there have also been revolts, as the prosperity is not evenly shared across the Panamanian population, and there are periods of political and social unrest.
Although very much dominated by the US (even its currency is the US dollar), Panama is closer to Britain than many think. UKTI shows that in 2008, for example, Panama imported a per capita average of £49 of British goods, much lower than the £7 and £6 for Mexico and Brazil that year.
The UK is also a key player in terms of investment, alongside the US and Spain. Panama can be a great small test market, or an open door much more.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playa Colorada, Beach Front for Sale

This large beach of Costa Arriba is located in the immediate vicinity of the border of the Archipelago of San Blas, the native territory of the Kuna Indians. The nearest town is Santa Isabel.

The property is accessible by a 45 minutes boat ride from Miramar (Costa Arriba) or 20 minutes boat ride from the airport El Porvenir (San Blas). The government endorsed a private initiative to begin building a road that connects Panama′s International airport to the environs of Playa Colorada. Sturdy 4×4 vehicles are currently able to reach the property by means of an adventurous trail.

Playa Colorada Info

Playa Colorada, which borders the Kuna Oasis property, also boasts a paradise beach. Crystal clear water, white sand, and many hundreds of 70 feet (25 m) tall coconut palms create a spectacular setting bordering rainforest and gentle rolling hills with breathtaking ocean views. Just off the beach some world class diving sites can be found. Coconuts can be harvested from the coconut palm plantation and medicinal and edible herbs can be gathered from the elaborate tropical gardens. The beach is also frequented by massive leatherback turtles which use the beach as their nesting grounds.

Contact us.

More Info:

Cerro Azul Vacation Resort, Panama

Lakefront Resort. 3 cozy houses directly on a Lake! Located in The Mountains in Cerro Azul. Short 30 minute drive from Panama City, Panama.
Breathtaking views from your private terrace overlooking gorgeous lake, the rainforest; spectacular sunrise and comforting breeze. Swim in clean warm waters. Take a fishing or kayak trip or relax on your private patio.

Each house features

  • Double bed
  • Satellite TV
  • Dvd Player
  • Full bathroom with hot water
  • Private kitchenette equipped with fridge ,stove, microwave, coffee machine, double closet
  • Spacious patio with Bar-B-Q overlooking beautiful lake

How to get to Cerro Azul

Take the Corredor Sur up to the end of Tocumen. Before you get to the supermarket Extra turn left until the end of the street aprox. 2 min driving. At the end of the street turn again left go straight aprox. 15 min to the mountains, You will see on left,the lake: Between the lake and the "Kiosco el lago" there is a street on your left hand side, that you need to take, and then go around the lake until you see a big fence make of blocks and a black metal gate.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Natural Paradise for sale, Gatun’s Lake

Magnificent Peninsula, with 5 points, an area of 25 hectares (61.8 Acres) on the shores of Lake Gatun (15610 feet of waterfront (4758 meters). The property is titled. It has main house, completely remodeled, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, large covered terrace, parking for 4 cars and a lovely garden. A house with 2 rooms for the keeper, bathroom, kitchen, terrace.

The property has direct access from the main road and a ramp for launching boats.

It has electricity and water.

The 5 points are accessible by roads in the forest plots carefully.
It´s intense tropical vegetation, forests with trees of precious woods, mahogany, Guayacanes, etc..
Wildlife is exuberant, among others, sloths, howler monkeys, marmosets, armadillos many iguanas.
Birds: toucans, macaws, parrots, hummingbirds, etc… Wide variety of butterflies.
The lake abounds with many species of freshwater fish, turtles that come to breed on the shores. There are even manatees.

This private paradise is just 30 minutes from the Gatun Locks, then 1 hour from downtown Panama City.
In the immediate neighborhood of property there are some European and American.

The property is the ideal site for developing ecotourism and rural tourism.
You can go horseback riding, boating on the beautiful and tranquil waters of the lake, or simply walking the trails in the midst of nature.

Then, within 45 minutes you can discover the beaches of the Caribbean coast known as the "Costa Abajo", or the Shelter Bay Marina with its proximity to Fort San Lorenzo and the mouth of the historic "Chagres River".

Cyril REIS
+507 60 90 76 95

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